Modesty & PeaceListed below are articles I have written about my work and about Traditional Acupuncture which may be of interest to patients and people who are considering acupuncture treatment. Some were written some time ago, and still retain a clear glimpse into this work.

Joy -- An exploration of the Fire Element as seen from the perspective of Traditional Acupuncture.

Water -- Here we drop into the energy of Winter -- the Water Element.

Death -- An aspect both of the Water element and about the individual journey through the seasons and through the elements.

Refuge -- I have some books that are all-time favorites and Terry Tempest Williams' Refuge is one of them. I originally wrote this review for Meridians an acupuncture journal.

A Treatment Story -- Here I tell the story of one of my patients, fictionalized a little to preserve anonymity and told here so you get the flavor of one person's treatment journey, in this case Emma's.

Pilgrim -- In 1999 Howard and I went on a Buddhist pilgrimage in India. It was a time full of insights and learning, much of which came directly into the treatment room. Here's how I told that story in Turning Wheel a journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.